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about zero foot hills

Zero Foot Hills (ZFH) is a residence on a rural property for artists to live, rest, think, and create, with a focus on natural spaces and materials.


our mission

To foster artistic creation and practice as integral and complementary aspects of a life in balance with nature.


our vision

To provide space and time for guests to live, rest, think and create in a setting that provides ample opportunities to integrate nature into their practices.


our values

To bring our mission to as many people as is safe and productive, Zero Foot Hills is committed to:

  • Good stewardship of the land, allowing sustainable growing, foraging, and recreation

  • No tuition/fees and limited costs for guests

  • A space welcoming artists' families

  • Respect for our neighboring communities

  • Good faith commitment to maintain or improve ethical and equitable practices

  • Readiness to host and collaborate with artists who share our Mission/Vision/Values

q & a

what's the ZFH experience like?

There's no "typical" or "right" visit at Zero Foot Hills, but every guest finds a way to connect the natural space to their experience.

Some work en plein air, others use what they see as a subject or inspiration, others still forage for what eventually become art materials.

More than anything, guests tell us the peace, quiet, and natural surroundings offer a mental respite and change from their everyday.

Often, this free time and wholesome mindstate translate to productive creation.


what is the ZFH property like?

Zero consists of two nearby properties: a residential home and a larger plot of farm/wild lands.

The home houses the artists' lodging and studios, and has a large lawn (some of which will eventually become garden space.)

The farm plot--the original 0 Foot Hills lot--is also planned for eventual cultivation. 

The woods and fields behind both lots are ideal for light exploration and gentle foraging.


where is ZFH?

We are located in the hills of Durham, a town in central Connecticut.

Durham is known for agriculture and especially its Fall fair, one of the largest in the region.

The town is located directly south of Middletown (Wesleyan University) and about 30-40 minutes north of New Haven.

Middletown also provides the nearest major shopping plazas and healthcare services.

US Interstate 91 is the closest major highway.

ZFH is located on land attributed to Quinnipiac, Wappinger, and Wagunk nations.

what lodging and board does ZFH provide?

ZFH currently has three bedrooms, with a fourth under renovations.

Linens and towels are provided. A washer and dryer are on premises for free use.

The larger bedroom (first floor) contains a full bed and an en-suite full bathroom.

The other two bedrooms (second floor) each contain two twin beds and share a hallway full bathroom.

Moveable mattress cots are available to expand sleeping capacity.

Artists share a kitchen and dining area. Dishes, cookware, and utensils are provided.

Guests provide and prepare their own food. We are happy to schedule accommodating dietary prohibitions/preferences/medical needs in a shared space.

After renovation, the additional first-floor apartment will house a full bed, full bath, kitchenette, and sitting room/studio.


what accommodations for artists does ZFH offer?

ZFH has two formal studio rooms (one each on the first and second floor.)

A semi-finished basement holds a large shared studio space with access to a floor loom.

There is a closed-off messy work studio which houses the clay studio (pottery wheel and kiln.)

Al fresco work on the beautiful property is warmly welcomed!

In addition to the kiln, wheel, and loom, ZFH has a growing selection of power tools and  papermaking equipment.

One section of the basement studio is being optimized for sound recording.

High-speed WiFi internet and a color laser printer are provided. An older multifunction scanner/copier/printer is functional but has limited compatibility.

A small "office" table has a consumer-grade keyboard, mouse, monitor, and webcam with cabling suitable for connecting a laptop or PC.

We make every effort to minimize conflicting studio space/equipment/noise needs.

is there any charge for residence at ZFH?

There is currently no charge, tuition, or fee for residing at ZFH.

Artists and families are considered guests of the owners.

Guests are responsible for their own food and cooking, art materials, clean-up, transportation, and self-care.

Guests staying longer-term launder linens as need dictates.

We ask each guest to offer something of their choice for the future of the residence--often a small piece of art made during their stay.

Guests with special skillsets might also offer something from their areas of expertise: help repairing, planting, planning, etc.

Longer-term guests have helped orient other artists who arrive during their stay.

ZFH occasionally hosts workshops under the auspices of third-party nonprofit groups, who may charge nominal fees for their programs.

can we come...
  • ...with partners and/or children? Yes, ZFH welcomes families and is investing in spaces conducive to that kind of stay.

  • ...with artistic collaborators? Yes, we can host groups/collaborators/collectives within reason of time and space constraints. Guests who are not named on your ZFH application must be made known to and approved by the hosts at least 24 hours in advance.

  • ...with pets? No, sorry--we love animals but insurance and shared space considerations do not allow it currently. We welcome legally registered Service Animals.

  • ...without a car? Technically yes, but a vehicle is very strongly recommended. Delivery options are limited and travel by foot/bike is challenging in distance, terrain, and often weather.

how do we apply to ZFH?

Email and we will get the discussion going!

It will expedite greatly if you provide your name, contacts, art medium, and dates/length of stay desired.

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